— Environmental artist.


Sixteen Million New CarsOn The Road Every Year

8 Warmest Years OnRecord All Since 1998

Scientists Predict 6-FootRise In Global Sea Level

Climate Changing Faster ThanAny Time In Past 10,000 Years

Many of you see facts like these all over the web almost every week. Most of you are told these facts everyday by teachers, parents, etc. Most of you… don’t care. Well think of it this way: If these facts are true (which I tell you they are,) and if the population increases exponentially. Then: These problems will also increase at an exponential rate as well!! If you want more proof some very realistic causes may be something related to a movie known as: “The Day After Tomorrow.”


— Kev L.

I’m a vegetarian. When I say that, people freak out– look at me like I’m a leper or something. I can’t imagine what kind of stereotypes vegans have to put up with if I’m subject to “tree hugger” and “hippie” and “conservationist.”

I’m none of those things. I’m a person who just wants to promote sustainability. I’m not a pansy, or a flower-child. In fact, our friend here N.O.R.E. is a self-proclaimed VEGAN.

We all know N.O.R.E. for this song…yes, I know you know it and I know you like it.

Vegans can be badass too.

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♥ JP

50-100 species of plants and animals become extinct.

You can help.